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"I prayed 'God if you are real, send someone to help me.'  I looked up and there were two Rave Moms, an answer to my prayer." - Erik

"I can’t believe God came to a rave to find me." - Haley

"When I camped next to the moms and dads at the rave, it was like God “check-mated” me right then and there. He just wouldn’t stop pursuing me." - Sara


What is PLUR?  In the rave culture, PLUR stands for peace, love, unity and respect. Ravers seek it through music, drugs, alcohol, and highly sexualized behavior at raves.  We strive to show them that true PLUR is only found in a relationship with Jesus. 

Rave moms and dads go to raves all around the country to reach out to those God sends their way.  Each year, they hand out more than 100,000 rave-style bracelets, and give thousands of “Mom Hugs”. The moms and dads meet physical needs such as water bottles, blankets, phone charging, first aid, overdoses and even interrupt sex trafficking situations, SHOWING kids how precious they are to God. These are our “kids.”

Camp 33

"Camp 33 is a place where you will be loved and heard and, most importantly, where you will learn about the love of Jesus." - Darrell

"Camp 33 ... the weekend that changed my life." - Rachel

Camp 33

Lives are transformed at Camp 33!

Camp 33 engages ravers in a spiritual adventure weekend where they learn about the God who created them in His image, loves them and wants a relationship with them. The outdoor adventures led by amazing Jeep Dads, family atmosphere created by loving Camp 33 Moms, and clear message of the Gospel lead many to start a personal relationship with Jesus.

Camp 33




Hangar 33

Why a hangar? A hangar is a safe place ... where airplanes are sheltered from storms ... where they are improved, maintained, repaired, fixed up, and readied for flight. In the same way, Hangar 33 provides a safe place for new believers to launch their new life in Christ.

Hangar 33

Leticia H33-2

What happens after someone has made a decision to put their faith in Jesus?  How do they get established in their new faith?  How do they get to know Jesus and launch on a life-long journey with Him?

Well, we pull them into the hangar and prepare them to “take flight.”

Rave Moms and Dads disciple anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God ... sometimes starting even before they make the decision to follow Jesus.  Studying the Bible together one-on-one or in small groups leads to transformed lives.

Our future vision for Hangar 33 is to publish a series of online studies that the average believer can use to confidently and effectively disciple a new believer.

Commission Camp

Change the way you think about the Great Commission ... and go fishing!

Commission Camp

2021 Commission Camp - @Davidviero-008

Every believer has a role in fulfilling the Great Commission, but most don’t feel equipped to share the Gospel.  This inspirational training program will change the way you think about evangelism and discipleship.  We are all called to be “fishers of men.”

Commission Camp is a weekend get-away designed for groups of 8-10 young adults who want to learn how to share their faith with their peers.

Commission Camp is held in Running Springs in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California (near Big Bear Lake).




Make PLURway Bracelets

Ravers love to make and trade beaded bracelets they call “kandi.” So, we join in the fun ... with a purpose.  Moms use the bracelets to greet the kids as they arrive at the venue ... offering them a friendly smile and a free gift.  Every bracelet provides an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Share the Gospel with Bracelets

Bracelet Makers

We love it when ravers ask us who makes these bracelets.  We tell them, “Hundreds of people around the country make them ... and they pray for YOU ... that you would be safe tonight, that you would know you are precious and loved by God ... and that God has a purpose for your life.”  They can’t believe it!

Every year, PLURway Rave Moms distribute over 100,000 bracelets at raves all over the United States.  Days, weeks, months, or even years later, we hear from kids whose lives were transformed by the Gospel ... and it all started with a PLURway bracelet.

It takes an army of “bracelet makers” to keep the moms supplied.  Join the team!

Join the PLURway Team

Join in fulfilling the Great Commission ... the greatest rescue mission ever!  We need older moms and dads to go to raves to share the Gospel, help kids who are sick, alone or in trouble, and rescue the vulnerable from dangerous predators.  It is awesome to see how small acts of kindness open doors for the Gospel.



There is nothing quite like being a Rave Mom or a Rave Dad. It’s the best thing ever! Not only do you get to work alongside the coolest moms and dads on the planet, but you get to see the mighty hand of God work in crazy situations.

You have a front-row seat to all the action. Sure, you get exhausted. No, theres nothing in it for you. Yes, you are in potentially dangerous situations, and your heart gets wrecked now and then, but who cares?!

No pay. No reward. You pour yourself into someone at crazy hours of the night. Your heart gets wrecked, and you rarely hear how the story plays out.  Then you go home and process all the good and bad that happened, remembering a million faces and far too few names.

And after all that, you realize ... YOU CANT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!

Because when God is in it, and He shows up, there's just nothing better on this planet.

If God calling you to join the PLURway Outreach Team? Apply today.

Join the Camp 33 Team

Be part of a fun-filled spiritual adventure weekend where you get to watch lives be transformed by the Gospel.  We need “Jeep Dads,” peer counselors and support staff to run Camp 33.  You will be amazed at how God can use YOU to reach the lost with His love and have fun while doing it!

Camp 33

Camp 33 offers a spiritual adventure weekend that includes jeeping, boating, cave exploring, off-roading, and MORE!  We need dads to drive jeeps full of campers on these adventures around the San Bernardino Mountains. (Bringing your own Jeep is helpful but not required.)

We need Christian young adults to come alongside as “peer counselors” to befriend the campers.  We need support staff to set up the overnight camp, fix meals, and prepare a family-style Thanksgiving dinner for the campers at the end of the weekend

Ready to join the Camp 33 Team? Apply today.

Invite Friends

Multiply your Gospel impact by sharing this ministry with others!  Just invite a few friends over for coffee and dessert.  We’ll provide the information, inspiration and stories of changed lives.  You will help grow the ministry and your friends will be inspired and challenged to get involved.  And together, we will reach more kids for Jesus!

Host A Gathering

Host a Gathering

Invite 8-20 friends to your home for a couple of hours for coffee, dessert, or even dinner!  We’ll provide a brief presentation of the ministry, share opportunities to get involved, and answer any questions.  You’ll laugh, cry, and be amazed at what God is doing in the rave community.

Opportunities that will be presented include:

  • Make PLURway bracelets
  • Join the PLURway or Camp 33 Teams
  • Become a Hangar 33 Mentor
  • Promote Commission Camp
  • Join the Prayer Team
  • Support Engage to Go financially

If time or distance prevents us from attending in-person, we’d be happy to join you virtually!  Let’s talk!

Use “Contact Us” below to let us know you are interested or want to know more.

Mentor via Hangar 33

Become a Hangar 33 Mentor and  experience the joy of watching someone put their faith in Jesus and grow in their relationship with their heavenly Father! We will connect you with someone in the rave community who wants to grow spiritually ... even if they have not yet made a faith decision.  Start reading the Bible together and watch God work! It’s AMAZING!

Mentor a New Believer

Sara and Colleen

We are looking for mature believers to meet one-on-one (in person or over the phone) with someone in the rave community to read and discuss the Bible (and life) together.  We provide both of you with a Bible in the New Living Translation, so you are literally “on the same page.”  It’s tons of fun to watch God work in their lives through reading His Living Word!

Use “Contact Us” below to learn more about becoming a Hangar 33 Mentor.

Support Commission Camp

Do you know any young adults in your church or family who want to share their faith, but aren’t sure how?  Introduce them to Commission Camp!  Are you willing to help “behind the scenes” with logistics, transportation, food prep, etc.  If you live in Southern California, this might be YOUR place to serve.

Commission Camp

Pastor Andrew Teaching

Commission Camp is designed for groups of 8-10 young adult believers who want to be involved in the Great Commission, but aren’t sure how.  Based on Colleen Myers’ book “Smack Dab ... Living in the Center of God’s Will,” campers will learn how to become “fishers of men” in their individual spheres of influence.  (Smack Dab is available for purchase on Amazon if you want to check it out.)

You can promote Commission Camp to your church or extended family or introduce us to your pastor or young adults leader.  We also need help with logistics, transportation, food prep, and more for hosting the participants over a weekend.  Commission Camp is held in Running Springs in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California (near Big Bear Lake). Visit CommissionCamp.org for dates and costs.

Use “Contact Us” below to request more information.

About Us

PLUR Life Ministries was founded in April of 2009, then became Engage to Go Ministries in April 2022. This ministry is made up of people that love Jesus (lots of them!), all around the USA. (2 Cor 5:11-17) This ministry is not, will not, and cannot be, about any one person, or any particular church. It is about the body of Christ working together in unity and love, together as a team, reaching the next generation. (Philippians 2:1,2) We are a Bible-believing, para-church, 501c3 non-profit,  group of people operating from the viewpoint of “Loving the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds” and also “Loving our neighbor as ourselves.” (Matthew 22)

Dear Raver, 
First things first...WE LOVE YOU! You have either met us at a rave, or found us online. Either way, we love you, we are glad you are here,  and sincerely wish you the best life has to offer! So you know, this website was not designed for you. This site was created so that Christians could learn about what we do, and why we do it. Did you know that sometimes Christians are judgmental and mean? LOL, right? I'll bet  you have noticed some of us "Christians" are hypocrites too! Well...if you think that, you are right...guilty as charged. We are not perfect, but we would like to be. We get up everyday to try again. Jesus died for us, and in gratitude, we at Plurway really do try our best. One good thing is that today, I am much less of a hypocrite than I used to be. I guess we are all on a spiritual journey. This website, we hope, will encourage other Christians in their spiritual journey to be less hypocritical and judgmental as well.
I said all of that, above, because we meet young people all the time that have been hurt by people in the church. If that is you, I am so sorry. I can't fix that, and won't excuse that, BUT let me ask you this...how long does it take to make kandi? How much does each one cost? We take thousands and thousands of kandi to raves each month, and each one made and paid for by someone that professes to be a Christian, and that has prayed for whoever gets that kandi...one at a time. We took over 20,000 to a single event once. That's a LOT of love.  When we say we love you, we really mean it...even if we have never met you.Often times the raver that finds this website does not like us! So just in case you don't like us, let me take a moment to assure you we are not out to shut down raves.  We do not attend anti-rave community meetings or anything like that. Promoters provide security and work with law enforcement, local government, and medical agencies and we respect that. We understand that you may have a totally different take on what happens at raves (after all, we are going there LOOKING for the trouble and the danger so that we can help those in need...we aren't going there to party). We are not old people that hate your music. (But we are old people, LOL) We also know that most ravers just want to have a good time...who doesn't? I mean, I like to have a good time too! So therefore we totally respect your opinions, even if you disagree with us! We believe you have as much right to your opinions and beliefs as we do ours. We do not judge you, condemn you, or want to force you to live your lives our way. You are free to live your life as you choose, fair enough?  We would appreciate the same in return. In other words, we work hard at showing you PLUR…would you please treat us with PLUR as well? If you do not like Religion, Christianity, Jesus, or the Bible that’s your choice, but I would like to explain a couple of things – so you at least understand where we (at Plurway) are coming from. First, we don’t like religion either; and anymore, we don’t much care for what a lot of people associate with Christianity. Both tend to be full of rules, and many times are very judgmental. Personally, I like the term “Follower of Jesus” much better. And so you know, the Bible is clear that “Followers of Jesus” are not supposed to judge anyone outside of our faith, but we are to love them. So when our moms go to raves, they give out kandi (so you can hear our message on your own time, and not listen to any more than you decide to) and also to take care of (love) the ravers that overdose, can’t find their cars, get hurt, are cold and need a blanket, or are hungry or thirsty. Everything we give away: kandi, food, water, books, Bibles, blankets, or jackets, are always free. Spending time talking about Jesus would be up to you; we never push the issue! Also, like I said before, the kandi we gave you, we made ourselves! And we prayed for you as we made it! Every single kandi we give away is sincerely made with love

There is little more you need to know. If the Bible turns out to be true, then Jesus is the only way for you to get into Heaven. If you don’t know him, again, if the Bible turns out to be true, you will spend eternity in Hell. (and that would be very bad) Since neither you nor I can absolutely prove or absolutely disprove whether or not the Bible is true or false, there is a problem. Neither of us will know for sure until it is too late to change our minds (death). We believe that the Bible is absolutely true, so if we say nothing, and it turns out to indeed be true, then we have failed the ultimate test of PLUR. Does that at least make sense to you? I hope so. The kindest, most complete way to share this message with you, we believe, is through the website on the kandi. 

One last thing…yes, Jesus is exclusive - in that he is the only way into Heaven. HOWEVER he is inclusive in that everyone that comes to him and believes in him is welcome, everyone is accepted, and loved. And everyone who asks him to save them and forgive them of their sins will join him in Heaven someday...for eternity.

So now you know...we hope Heaven is really crowded with people who happen to love EDM! 

We hope and pray if we ever meet in person, it will be with smiles and hugs! We hope and pray if “Christians” have been hurtful to you, that you will give us a chance to correct that. And of course, we hope and pray that you will consider surrendering your life to Jesus, following Him, and have a fantastic eternity with us! When you look at unbiased factual scientific, historic, & prophetic evidence, it is harder to believe that the Bible is not true than it is to believe that it is true. Check it out for yourself. My spiritual journey has been made complete in Jesus, and I have every confidence that I will spend eternity in heaven. Think about it. 

Loving Jesus, and loving you,
Pastor Rob

PS If you would like to meet us and get to know us a little more:



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