Outreach Coordinators

Coordinator, Plurway So Cal

In 1986, as they prepared for marriage, Colleen and her fiancé, Rob, prayed that God would use them as a couple and would break their hearts with what breaks His. Over the years, God has answered that prayer as they have worked together in various forms of youth ministry. Colleen taught Bible for 8 years at Lake Arrowhead Christian Junior High and High School in California. She is also a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor and has been involved in the treatment of over 150 clients, many of whom are teens. Colleen worked as a drug prevention specialist for 6 years, speaking at community  meetings and schools. She also taught anger management and parenting classes, as well as a human trafficking refusal skills curriculum in her area public schools, where she was also called in to assist with grief counseling when necessary. God used all of this experience to ultimately prepare her to answer His call on her life as a missionary to the rave subculture.

Rob and Colleen founded PLUR Life Ministries in 2009 to love ravers into God's family. They outreach in 4 states with teams consisting of older moms and dads who are willing to go to these parties and fill the need this generation has for loving attention from adults who care. As well as TELLING the message of God's love, they SHOW His love by helping kids in trouble at these events, intervening in many ways---searching for and assisting girls who find themselves stranded and alone, getting kids back to their homes or hotels safely, preventing or distrupting human trafficking attempts outside the venues, and helping those who have overdosed.

Coordinator, Plurway Austin

Cindy has been married to her husband Jerry since forever. They both came to Christ in the years following. Cindy has a soft heart, sweet spirit, and the determination of a pit bull. Her love for kids will bring you a smile, and her determination to snatch them back from our great enemy will bring your respect. Cindy became a rave mom in 2013 and took over the Plurway Austin Coordinator position in 2014. The former coordinator still serves faithfully alongside her as a rave mom.

Coordinator, Plurway Vegas

Samantha is a fireball for Jesus because He rescued her from the sex industry. She formerly served as Executive Assistant to Annie Lobert at Hookers for Jesus, and has been a key part of rescuing and encouraging other girls out of the sex industry. Samantha is still actively involved in the fight against human trafficking. This married mom of two tells it like it is, and is committed to rescuing the lost.  Samantha joined the Rave Moms in 2013 and became the Plurway Vegas Coordinator in 2014.