About Hangar 33


How many new believers have YOU discipled? Hopefully, you have had this precious privilege, but most Christians have no idea how to do this. SO...

Hangar 33 will be an online (or flash-drive)  discipleship tool that equips the average believer to confidently and effectively disciple a new believer in one year...in a one-on-one format.

Hangar 33 will mobilize Gods people to action!

Here is how it's done…
1.    Sign up
2.    Pray!
3.    We will pair you up with a new believer in your area
4.    You both will meet 2x per week to…
5.    Watch a SHORT video together
6.    Print out the discussion page
7.    Open your Bibles, and talk about the video!


What about closing the back door? (at church) Have you ever heard that expression? Visitors come to church  thru the front door, have some kind of negative experience, and walk out "the back door" Stats say that happens ALOT!

...consider this...you sign up and take on a new believer...then when you tell your church friends about this, and ask them to pray for you  both, EVERYONE is excited about whats happening and the new believer will be warmly welcomed, loved, encouraged, and  supported when they visit your church. The Hangar 33 Project will bless you, your church, and the new believer!

When you have completed the course, (1 year goal) you will both be ready to start over; each of you with another new believer!

HOWEVER. . .  The Hangar 33 Project is still under construction. Please sign up at the bottom of this page if you are interested! You will be the first to know when we launch the program! And please PRAY for the necessary funding to come in to complete the 100-video film series. If you can help with funding, please go to the donate page!

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