Rave Outreach Team



So, you are considering being a part of our outreach team?




The outreach team is at the very core of our ministry. Every application will be reviewed by our Board of Directors who will pray about and vote on each and every applicant. If you are accepted (not all will be) please expect the following:


  • Expect to be physically exhausted after every outreach.
  • Expect to be emotionally exhausted after every outreach.
  • Expect the day following the outreach to be a day of recovery.
  • Expect to pay for all of your own expenses.
  • Expect to witness bad behavior, and show love anyway.
  • Expect to love the seemingly unlovable without any condemnation on them.
  • Expect it all to be worth it.
  • Expect to be blessed.


Rave outreaches are normally on Friday and/or Saturday night. Typical time commitment is usually (but not always) 3pm the night of the rave till 5am the next morning.


God is using everyday moms and dads to do amazing things, so you don’t need to be a “Super Christian” but we want all our ordinary moms and dads to be trained, educated, prepared and ready! So, before you apply, let me explain a little about what you are in for!


Being part of this amazing group of people we call, "The Outreach Team" has enriched and grown my faith more than words can describe. Being an intricate part of God’s working, in real time, has not only brought scripture to life before my very eyes, but shown me first-hand how real and alive our Lord and Savior really, really is.


When you take a step of faith, you get to see God work, and it is REALLY cool.


We take joining the outreach team very seriously. Being a part of the outreach team is exciting and fulfilling but also means you will be out all night long in potentially dangerous situations. Your safety in the middle of the night, as well as ours, can be affected negatively if the wrong person is on the team. We ultimately rely on the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us, but believe we need to be responsible in our decision making and choosing team members.


This will take you some time, but is really important for you to do. BEFORE you fill out your application,  please do the following “homework”  (if you have not already done so):

  • Go to and go thru the entire site! Watch the videos and read thru all the content! Taking the time to do this is necessary and should answer most (or maybe all) of your questions, help you decide if you want to be on our team, and is necessary to accurately share about the ministry with fellow BELIEVERS.  (And please share!)
  • Sign up for our Engage E-News using the Subscribe form.
  • Join our Facebook Prayer Team “Until Heaven is Crowded.” (A link is found under Follow Us)
  • Review the content and watch the Gospel video on As a team member, you will need to know what is communicated through the video so you can encourage ravers and other NON BELIEVERS to watch it.

If, after completing the “homework”, you feel God may be calling you to this ministry, your next step is complete the application.

Once your application is filled out, please scan/email to:


Mail to: PLURway; Engage to Go Ministries; PO Box 953; Lake Arrowhead, Ca 92352

The application process goes through several steps and can take several weeks.  You can help keep the process moving by prompting your references to respond in a timely manner.  (We will email or call them for their reference.)   You may also want to remind your pastor to submit his letter/email of reference asap.

The process generally flows like this:

Application Received → References Received → Board Preliminary Approval → Phone Interview → Background Check → Final Approval → Orientation and/or Training


If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to contact us.  Likewise, we will reach out to you if we need anything from you along the way.


We look forward to getting your application!


Until Heaven is Crowded,

Pastor Rob; Co-Founder

"Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to die; save them as they stagger to their death" Proverbs 24:11

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